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Still trying to figure out what direction I want to take this blog. There is a lot things that I am interested in that I would like to share with you all.. But I am actually more interested in listening to those people that feel rejected.

For instance –

Are you a person that made a mistake ONCE and you just can’t talk to anyone about it? You can’t even admit it to yourself.

Therapy is too expensive…

What do you do? After my last post about the rise of depression and anxiety among teens my mother-in-law helped me realize a way that I could help. I’m actually a really really good listener.

So, who wants a listening ear?? Comment below.

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Beck’s Depression Inventory (BDI) & Depression among Teens


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Beck’s Depression Inventory (BDI)

Created in 1961 by Dr. Aaron T. Beck. It’s a 21 self test questionnaire used in the general psychiatric population (Jackson-Koku, 2016). Also considered one of the most widely used depression scales nation-wide. Revised in 1778 – BDI -IA version and again in 1998 – BDI – II version (Wikipedia, 2019). The test covers various symptoms such as cognitive, somatic, affective and vegetative symptoms that resemble a major depression diagnosis according to the DSM-V (Jackson-Koku,2016). The depression scale rates from 0 to 3 = 0 being absence of symptoms and 3 being severest of symptoms. At the end of the questionnaire, one could either score no depression, minimal depression, moderate depression or severe depression.

Example of Becks Depression Inventory II

This depression scale is simply a screening tool NOT a diagnosis! If you score high see a mental health professional such as a psychiatrist or psychologist to further evaluate your score. On a quick side note: Dr. Beck is still currently teaching at Beck Institute in PA, hosting biweekly seminars. He has been deemed the “father” of cognitive therapy (Wikipedia, 2019). I found this out while I was doing my research on this topic and got really excited to know that I still have an opportunity to meet an intelligent mind in the world of psychiatry!

Next is just a run on thought I had about depression:


Depression Among Teenagers Today

According to the CDC between the years 2009 and 2012 – 7.6% of citizens in America above the age of 12 have either moderate or severe depression (Depression in U.S. Household, 2014). I’m almost positive that this trend has skyrocketed with the prevalence of social media among teenagers. Not too long ago I was listening to a Joe Rogan’s YouTube channel. He invited Professor at NYU Stern School of Business and Social Psychologist, Jonathan Haidt on his show to discuss anxious and depressive symptoms of teenagers today. Haidt basically alluded to the possible correlation between social media and depressive symptoms among teenagers today, especially young girls as they “internalize” more of their issues. In the clip, Rogan & Haidt pulled up a graph showing approximately 1/5 teenagers today experience depressive symptoms (JRE Clips, 2019).

Sourced from: (JRE Clips, 2019).

Incredibly interesting talk if you have time to listen to the full conversation. The top clip touches up on a topic of depression among teenagers, possibly influenced by social media (not definite correlation yet)- something that I have been suspecting for such a long time now. I always wondered, why do girls need validation on social media? The 1000x different “selfie pics” before they choose the PERFECT one. This is definitely contributing to some sort of quite mental health crisis. I no longer have personal social media accounts due to the instant drop in mood when I see the “happy life” window of other people. Deep down inside I know that an individual does experience joy 24/7, but the truth is never presented fully on social media.

A large problem we face is the ADDICTION of social media. With technology on the rise in a positive direction it is difficult to address the negative aspects associated with it. An interesting point Haidt presents to us is the idea of coming together locally (like in school settings) to help stop social media addictions. One of his solutions is to not allow your teenager to have a social media account in middle school. Honestly, I think this is a pretty reasonable idea that could really work if we can get enough people on board. The question then becomes, how do you reach out to all the parents and have them agree with the idea to not allow their teens an instragram/facebook/twitter (etc.) account?

Let me know your thoughts on social media and the affect on your mood.

Take care,

Psych RN


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Trying to understand myself

Figuring out the direction of my nursing career is difficult. Currently, I am part-time in school working towards my masters and license to become a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, but what next? I’m having much difficulty developing myself online as I would like to become a health coach. This to me is an important starting point in order to treat my patient’s holistically. With nursing being the foundation of my practice, I will fully support nonpharmacological prescriptions first such as better sleep, improved diet, healthy exercise, etc.

The goal is telemedicine — > still trying to figure out how to get there. Follow me on my journey as I won’t be taking any shortcuts!